Your Life Reading through your rising sign: Gemini Ascendant



Gemini ascendant is ruled by Mercury, planet of wisdom and thinking. People born in Gemini ascendant are having good sense of humor, they like to discuss on new things.
They like to share new ideas and can provide rational approach to work. Sometimes they are so calculative and keeps all the option open for them. Generally they look younger among same age group.
Gemini ascendant born must work in refining their focus in life, they have great enthusiasm to work, but have chattering mind. So it is humble advice to work with focus in life.
They get good gain of money from maternal side, mother always worries and give support them to tackle the situations. Mother’s love is their strong side.
They get good money from investing water based assets, most of their funds are liquid, but they must avoid their friend’s advice for investments. investing on advice of others may prove wrong for this natives.
Generally they have one brother who is elder and fatherly figure in their life, brother or sister may be working independently. Gemini borns can write on history and can guide others for legal matters.
They have tendency to create two homes, i mean they have one home in city another at far place, which is also their personal home. They are lucky in case of home and real estate.
Their study is fair, romance in college time is their centre of attraction. They needs lot of attention of others. Generally they study drama, arts & medicines. They find studying very easy during college, they study fairly good.
When it comes for their health, they have good digestion power but eating variety of food makes them worry. They have burning sensation in their stomach and generally they have problems of pitta after meals.
They should never try to create enmity with Govt. officers like Police and other authorities, they must be polite in their conversations, others are not that much smart like gemini borns.
Their Partner hails from bigger families, spouse is slim before marriage, than tends to put on weight. Partner is generally silent and innocent. They find very good support from partner. Sometimes partner is more educated than Gemini born.
Life span is fairly long, they find pains of joints in life later. Vaat disease makes them shaky after 60 years of age. Generally hey don’t like to travel, they find traveling a burden. They visit crowd places and do shopping for others.
Learning from mistakes is their motto.
Oh Its a grand career, you keep on going you find lots of new ways in your career. They rise early in their career. I’ve seen many doctors and professors of Gemini born. Teaching others suits them best.
They don’t make more friends, they have 2-3 good friends who knows their secrets. They always share their new idea with these 2-3 persons only. They don’t find good friend of opposite sex.
They fall in sleep easily. They generally believe in Hell and heaven, they worship female deity who is their power of faith.
Good Years in life: 16, 28, 40, 52, 60
Years to take care: 18, 30, 42, 54, 62

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